“I joined YogaFresh in November 2016, after losing my job and realizing that I needed to make some changes in my stressed out, job-focused life. I started with YogaFresh’s introductory month and was hooked. Being new to yoga, I was worried that I didn’t know ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it right’. All the instructors were (and are!) so helpful in guiding you into the postures and providing ongoing adjustments to help you get the most out of your practice and most importantly – emphasizing that everyone is different.

Five months later, I have a great sense of calm, am sleeping better at night, am down six sizes and feel so strong – both physically and mentally. But what brings me the most joy is the sense of community that I have found at YogaFresh. Smiling faces and greetings as I walk into the studio and know that people are genuinely happy to spend the next hour together getting what each of us wants to get out our practice. Thanks so much!!!”

Kelly B.


“I started my practice at Yoga-Fresh in October 2015 and had never taken a yoga class prior or knew anything about this lifestyle. The experience has been life changing and has made me a more positive and stronger person inside and out. I have regained the strength, balance and flexibility back that I used to have in my 20’s and my back issues have diminished.  The teachers are all very supportive and this studio has such positive energy to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome!”

Connie N.


“As a short, curvy girl with a back problem, I was really self conscious about starting my yoga journey. I was nervous the teachers and other yogis would judge me and I wouldn’t fit in. Almost 2 years later, I’m so happy to be able to say I was totally wrong. All of the teachers have been super accommodating of my unique challenges, and I’ve been comfortable in every class. I can’t thank the team at YF enough for guiding me to flexibility and strength I haven’t felt in 15 years. There’s truly an option for Every Body.”

-Jen K.


“My exploration into the practice of Yoga began in March of 2015 at Yoga Fresh. One month after I joined weight watchers with a goal of losing 60 pounds. I attended a beginners workshop, with my sister and daughter for support and never looked back! I had bad knees, a fused spine, was grossly out of shape, stiff as a board and could hardly get up from the floor. I wanted to be healthier, stronger and more limber. Each teacher I’ve worked with at YogaFresh has helped me to find accommodations to allow me to be successful and to slowly be more confident. I’ve achieved milestones in weight loss (down 51 lbs), in the shape of my body (down 5 pant sizes) and on my mat. I loved the Vinyasa FreshFlow classes and how energized I feel each time I step off my mat after class. The variety of classes available at YogaFresh is wonderful after a setback and recovering from knee surgery. I began adding Barre Burn classes to my schedule after a couple of months to heal and to try something new. Just the idea of participating in anything with “Burn” in the name would have made me run the other way 11 months ago. Instead, I’ve embraced it as a way to strengthen my knees and back and finally see my grandma wings vanishing! I long to get back to my Vinyasa classes, and continue to work, one day at a time to heal my body and reshape it into the strong, vibrant, healthy 57 yr old grandmother who can keep up with her beautiful grandchildren thanks to the variety of classes at YogaFresh. Namaste!”

Laura B.


“I have been on my health, wellness, and journey since 2010 and since then I have lost 105 lbs and have been able to maintain my weight loss. My main goal was not about how many pounds of weight I could loose, but to transform my negative energy from depression and denial into a positive force and let it go. The impact YogaFresh has had on me, since starting in 2010 has been AMAZING. The teachers are all awesome and very supportive and there is always have an inviting and positive energy when you arrive. This studio makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome and has taught me that there is a way to shift negative energy and has helped me to become a better sister, daughter, friend, and human. Although I started at 285 lbs, being at YF for the past six years has also impacted my life make me a stronger, more energetic and happy person. I love it and love sharing this gift to others. Thank you YF!”

Tina M.


“I can say that joining Yoga Fresh really opened up my eyes to what is possible for me physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s taught me to breathe through difficult situations and be grateful for blissful moments and for those around me. I got a 3-month unlimited Groupon in 2012 and got hooked on yoga. It was challenging but also fun, grounding, and centering – I actually wanted to work out! I remember I was going through an extremely hard winter last year, and when one of the teachers asked how I was, I just broke down. I hadn’t admitted to anyone else that I was having problems, but I responded with, “Awful.” The teacher said she’d dedicate the class to me, and after that class, I felt capable and hopeful. I decided that I was going to have what I called Summer of Fun 2013, where I started yoga teacher training, traveled around the world, and followed my heart and fell in love. I realized I could affect my life positively and those around me. My body is stronger, more flexible, and I can do things physically I never thought possible. I also can enjoy quieter moments, appreciate following my breath, and luxuriate in meditative practices. Most of all, I can love who I am right now while traveling down the path of discovery and improvement. Thank you for opening up this door for me!”

Angie K.


“I recently moved to Woodbury and was looking for a place to begin my yoga journey. After hearing amazing reviews about YogaFresh, I decided to sign up for the unlimited intro month and see how I liked the studio and yoga in general. I was hooked after my first class! The studio offers an incredible variety of classes to meet anyone’s needs. When I became pregnant in October, I was still able to attend classes and enjoyed going to the prenatal, gentle, and vinyasa classes as there is something for everyone here. I’m looking forward to starting barre burn and warrior sculpt classes after the baby arrives! Even with my highly variable work schedule, there is always a great class going on that I can attend. The instructors are all amazing and each of them brings something unique to each class. I feel that my mind and my body learn something new every time I finish a practice. I attribute my wonderful pregnancy experience to my yoga practice, which has left me feeling strong, energized, and relaxed. I look forward to where my yoga journey will take me, and I’m so grateful to have Yoga Fresh to help lead me along the way.”

Amanda A.


“I have been plagued with Fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease for over a decade. I have tried various drugs and therapies but nothing made a huge difference. I was in pain day in and day out and lacked energy, had insomnia and was super clumsy. A friend suggested I try yoga so I swallowed my fear and signed up. I went to the Free Yoga for Beginners Workshop at Yoga Fresh. There, Jen (the owner) explained all of the postures and I didn’t feel intimidated, in fact I felt inspired. From there I dabbled and tried various classes. I found myself drawn to Vinyasa. I liked the flow and the variety of each class and each instructor offers something different so I never get bored. When I struggle with a pose, help is always offered and modifications are always suggested. Any questions I have are happily answered and I always feel supported not only by the teachers but also by the other students. As time went by, I’m now strong and able to take Barre Burn classes that were more challenging and yet I could do them! Now a year later. I’m fast approaching my 50th birthday and can honestly say that I’m in the best shape I have been in since I left the U.S. Navy boot camp in my early 20’s. My energy is up, my stamina is outstanding and as my husband pointed out that I am no longer a klutz. My pain has decreased because of the way I now stand, sit and carry myself. This is all due to yoga and the wonderful instructors at Yoga Fresh. I hold no illusions that I will live a pain free life but being in shape and working on my flexibility has given me a new lease on life. I no longer spend days at home, miserable. Instead, I go to Yoga Fresh, get a good workout and leave feeling energized and ready for the day.”

Mary M.


“I was graced to attend my first YogaFresh class in the fall of 2009, and have been hooked since. YogaFresh boasts an impressive variety of class types and instructors, and I’ve enjoyed several of each, with the hot challenging flows being my personal favorite. I’ve also attended many of the various workshops that are regularly offered. There is always something available to meet my ever-changing schedule. My commitment and love for YogaFresh is proven as I drive over an hour to attend. The quality and selection of classes along with the great schedule and a beautiful studio are offered at an unbeatable price. But trying to put a price on the experience, skill, care, consideration, talent, and responsiveness of the instructors and staff would be impossible. I went for the hot yoga…but I stayed for the warm and connected atmosphere that I feel sets YogaFresh apart from any other Twin Cities studio I’ve attended.”

Clare P.


“I started my Yoga practice in May 2008. My initial motivations were to lose weight, stop smoking, gain flexibility and increase both stamina and strength. A very tall order to say the least. What I didn’t realize at the time was how beneficial the practice would become to my mind as well as my body. Yoga has enabled me to better handle the stress and challenges of my daily life. I’ve found the instructors at Yoga Fresh to be encouraging, thoughtful, understanding and possess wisdom for keeping things in perspective. Two and a half years later my initial motivations for beginning my Yoga practice have all been realized and maintained. I am amazed. Thank you to Jennifer and the Yoga Fresh staff.”

Boyd P.


“Before I started attending regular yoga classes at YogaFresh, I thought I had to accept a middle-aged body with flabby arms and love handles. Since I have become a yogini, my body has become toned like never before. I am just 50 and feel like I have the figure I had in my 20’s, with considerably more strength than ever before. I feel great and fit into clothes I thought I’d never wear again.”

Jennifer G.


“I had been plagued with Fibromyalgia, complete body pain 24/7, for the past 25 years. After trying everything from East and West, I eventually resorted and adjusted to a sedentary lifestyle and powerful drugs. THEN I found Yoga-Fresh and Angie who is a Thai Yoga Body Work professional. After my first 90-minute session, I was pain free and have since started practicing yoga and moving again! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 25 YEARS, I AM PAIN FREE.”

Diane L


“I’d have to say that without my yoga classes and prenatal yoga classes, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the birth of my first child. The breathing from both Yoga and Pilates at YogaFresh helped a TON to get through labor. Everything I learned in the Momma prenatal yoga class helped me a ton and I really felt much more prepared for giving birth and feeling more in control of the situation.”

Kristin J.


“I experienced yoga for the first time at Yoga Fresh almost two years ago. I have been practicing yoga ever since and as a result; I have felt a drastic difference in my mental and physical health. I had never thought of myself as a flexible person and saw yoga as an immense challenge when I began my journey. However, I continued taking classes because yoga brought a new perspective and ease to my life! It is now my goal to practice yoga in some form every single day. I am a less anxious person and a more giving person to my own needs as well as those around me. With great respect to the instructors and yogis at Yoga Fresh, NAMASTE!”

Chelsea J.