Restorative Yoga + Nidra for ALL Levels

This class begins with 30 minutes of restorative yoga to encourage a release of deep-rooted muscular tension, stress and tightness. Your body will be supported with props including bolsters, blankets and blocks to invite your body to experience a deeper state of relaxation to replenish the body’s energy, leaving you feeling nourished, calm and ready for 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra.
Yoga Nidra (also know as “yogic sleep”) will offer deep relaxation for your body, mind and emotions; while helping to dissolve old patterns and remove obstacles. This class is deeply relaxing and is suitable for all ages, abilities & physical conditions and will complement other active practices such as our FreshFlow classes.  This class is practiced in an unheated room and all levels are welcome.



Room Temperature: 76-78° 

All Levels 

60 Minutes 

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