Barre Basics for Beginners Workshop

Weather you are new to Barre or a Barre Burn pro, this workshop will break down the components of our Barre Burn classes at a beginners pace.  We will deconstruct the traditional barre postures to help you understand correct form for each exercise & the available modifications or enhancements to maximize your efforts and ensure the most body-positive results!
Our daily Barre Burn classes help to burn away fat to create a lean, toned and more flexible body. We combine elements of yoga, pilates, a ballet barre and light free weights to isometrically sculpt the entire body with a focus on toning the butt, legs, torso and arms while also conditioning the heart.  Barre Burn classes are suitable for ALL LEVELS to attend and are also gentle on your joints. Barre class is practiced in a slightly heated room (80 degrees) and some yoga experience is recommended. Bring your yoga mat to this class (or rent one from us!). Preregistration is required and space is very limited for this workshop.



Temperature: Room Temp: 76-78° 

Beginner Level 

90 Minutes 

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