Barre Burn (Baby Wearing Friendly)

  • Barre Burn Baby Friendly

Barre Burn (Baby Wearing Friendly)

This YogaFresh Barre Burn class is baby wearing friendly (for birth to pre crawling).  Everyone is welcome to attend (with or without a baby) including caregivers with babies and feeding or diaper changing is welcome throughout class.
This unique barre based class will burn away fat to create a lean, toned and more flexible body.  We will combine elements of yoga, pilates, a ballet barre, foam roller and optional light free weights to isometrically sculpt the butt, legs, arms and torso and will finish class using the foam roller for stretching and strengthening to reduce muscle tension with targeted, myofascial-release exercises for deep-muscle massages.
Barre Burn is gentle on your joints as  does NOT involve any bouncing or jumping.  This class is suitable for BEGINNERS/ALL LEVELS to attend and is practiced in a slightly heated room (80 degrees).  No previous experience is needed and please bring your yoga mat to class (or rent one from us for $1).  Don’t forget to PRE-REGISTER to reserve your spot at the barre as space is limited.



Warm Temperature: 80-85° 

Intermediate Level: 

60 Minutes 

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